Red Chilli Whole, 100g


Red Chilli are the fruits of Capsicum pepper plants, noted for their hot flavor.Red Chilly are primarily used as spices, or minor ingredients in various dishes, spice blends and sauces.They are usually eaten cooked, or dried and powdered.




Benefits of Red Chilly :-

  • Good for Cold– If your suffering from cold, then there is an age-old myth that says eating spicy food helps you combat cold. Chili pepper consists of Capsaicin, which is loaded with anti-microbial properties. The peppers are full of antioxidants and beta carotene will aid in fighting off flu and cold. It also supports immune system.
  • Aids in Weight Loss– Chili peppers aid in weight loss. The peppers generate the thermogenic process in your body which further increase the metabolic rate and burns extra calories. Eating a dish that has chili pepper in the morning keeps you full for the rest of the day, which  ultimately supports weight loss.
  • Prevents Bad Breath – Consuming food that has hot peppers acts as a disinfectant to the air you breath out then it improves the odour of your breath.
  • Acts as an Immunity Booster– The red colour of the chili pepper is due to the presence of high level of beta-carotene or pro-Vitamin A. It is also loaded with Vitamin C. The Vitamin A helps in warding off urinary tract infections, intestinal infections and problems related to respiratory tract.
  • Increases hemoglobin production and blood flow– These spicy peppers also contain iron, which supports an increase in the flow of blood and also hemoglobin production. The peppers also increase the cognitive performance as the increase in iron and oxygen in the brain leads to increase in cognitive performance.


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