Mustard Seeds(Sarso), 100g


Mustard seeds is a common ingredient used in almost many cuisines and in different manners. These tiny seeds may seem insignificant, but are actually home to many health benefiting properties. Mustard seeds have strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties and many nutrients that have made it favorite all around the world.



Benefits of Mustard Seeds 

  • Dermatitis – Dermatitis is a skin disease which is caused due to unknown factors, but is at times assumed due to environmental factors. Mustard contains many anti- bacterial and anti- fungal properties, which helps in preventing or toning down dermatitis
  • Improves cardiovascular health – Mustard when consumed as oil has many health properties such as reducing the risks of many heart diseases. This is because of its presence of omega- 3 fatty acids among its many other helpful properties
  • Hair and Skin care – Mustard seeds and oil are used for various beauty treatments as well. While mustard oil promotes healthy hair growth, coconut oil heated with mustard seeds helps in giving you a clear complexion.
  • Heal the nerves – Mustard is also used as a relaxing and nerve calming agent. Apart from that, mustard when consumed also heals or prevents nerve related ailments. It arouses the impulses as well as leaves an invigorating and calm effect on the nerves.


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