Meat Masala, 100g


Your mutton curry will not only have a mouth-watering aroma but also a robust flavor, all thanks to Chounk Meat Masala. A total of 14 carefully chosen spices come together in perfect harmony to give you a rich and sublimely delicious dish!



Recipe :

For marinating 500 gms of meat, make a fine paste of 2.5 onions and add 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste. To this, add salt and 4 tbsp strained curd. Marinate cleaned and cut mutton pieces with this and keep for 2 hrs.

Separately, heat 4 tbsp oil and sauté 4 onions. Now add the marinated mutton, along with 3 tsp Chounk Meat Masala. Cook for 4 mins. Add 2 cups water and pressure cook for 12 mins.

Serves 4 people

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