Carom seeds(Ajwain), 100g


Carom seeds(Ajwain) are present in almost every Indian household. These seeds are used as a spice, and they are known for greatly enhancing the taste of any meal they’re added to. However, carom seeds aren’t just known for their ability to enhance taste – they are also incredibly healthy. Although it’s used in small quantities, this spice will help you experience some outstanding health benefits.



Ajwain Facts :-

  • It is believed that carom seeds initially used to grow wild in ancient Egypt, but was soon introduced to Asia, where it’s currently most popular.
  • Both in ancient Greek and Rome, people considered this spice to be a medicinal plant.
  • The ajwain plant is incredibly similar to parsley.
  • Carom seeds are without a doubt most popular in India.
  • Ajwain is a spice that’s very prominent in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • This plant is also known as bishop’s weed. However, it’s worth noting that some other plants also share this name.
  • The smell of carom seeds is almost identical to that of thyme, mostly because they contain a compound called thymol.
  • Although they can be eaten raw, carom seeds are usually dry-roasted. This way, they develop a more complex aroma.
  • Despite being popular in many countries, this spice has never gained popularity in Western countries.

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